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Correct packaging is essential for the preservation of your products so that they reach your end customers in perfect condition. For that reason, the automatic stretch wrap machine and the stretch machine wrap film have become the technology of choice for North American companies. This is due to their versatility and their extraordinary abilities in package preservation.

In addition to choosing automatic stretch wrap machines that suit your needs, it is equally vital that you choose a top provider of wrap machine materials. In the Michigan area, you’re sure to find a variety of suppliers, but none of them compare to The Packline Co. with after the sale service as well. You should get to know us better, so you’ll know why we’re the ideal place to buy your wrap machines and materials.

Why The Packline Co. for your Stretch Wrap Machine Materials?

Extensive Know-How

Success when it comes to packaging begins with knowledge. Throughout our 70+ years in the industry, we have mastered everything related to pallet stretch packaging and the materials needed to do it successfully. Besides, we have kept pace with innovations in new materials and packaging techniques, allowing us to offer the best material options to our customers. After getting to know your specific needs, rest assured that we will know what to offer you to not only meet, but to exceed your expectations.

The Best Supplier Network

Throughout our operations, we have strived to have the most outstanding network of stretch material suppliers in the country. We rely on the quality and characteristics of our products, and that is why our suppliers give us only the best of the best. Our stretch wrap materials have above-standard characteristics and offer crystal-clear, uniform optics.

We Ensure Resistance

Even if the supplier or manufacturer of a specific stretch material offers a series of properties and characteristics, for us this is not enough. We have top-line Packaging Integrity Testing. Through different tests, we make sure that the stretch materials we offer can specifically and effectively protect and maintain the integrity of your products. We also make sure that they can withstand the different environmental conditions and stresses to which they are subjected in your operations and logistics.

We Offer Different Films Depending On the Cargo

We know that fully automatic stretch wrap machines and materials depend on each product, industry, and packaging characteristics. That’s why we offer different types of strengths according to the load. From Type A, ideal for uniform shapes and fits the pallet size without complications, to Type C for inconsistent and irregular loads, we have it all.

Special Needs

Last but not least, we also have options for you to load your pallet wrapping machine with films that serve very specific functions. For example, our line of UVI films protects your products from UV rays. We also have eco-friendly options, if you want to have more sustainable processes.

Trust The Packline Co.

If you’re looking for the best Michigan supplier of stretch materials for your packaging processes, you’ve come to the right place. Get only the best quality, which will save you headaches and losses, and help you have stable and efficient operations. All this at the most competitive prices in the market. Contact us and shop our automation and equipment products, packaging materials, or contract our services.

Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine Michigan

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