strapping on a box

Strapping & Banding 101

Steel, polypropylene, polyester and high-strength polyester are all excellent strapping materials. That poses a problem for those trying to select one. Each material excels in certain characteristics, and each woks well where those characteristics satisfy a packaging need. As a distributor of all three strapping materials, Packline has only one [...]

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bubble wrap

Air Bubbles 101

More commonly known as ‘bubble wrap’, air bubble is an all-purpose protective custioning and void-fill packaging material made to protect your products during shipping and storage. Air bubble is made up of air-filled cells, or ‘bubbles’, which each act as a mini absorber to protect your products from shock, vibration [...]

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roll of single face corrugated

Boxes & Corrugated 101

We feature a wide array of box sizes and styles to suit your packaging requirements. We literally have millions of options! Our vast selection includes application-specific boxes for moving, hazardous materials, insulation, printing, master packing, retention/suspension and file storage. With over 1,100 box sizes and 15,000 packaging and industrial products, [...]

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