Heavy Hitch is a company specialized and oriented to supply high-quality products and solutions in heavy machinery and cargo handling equipment, manufactured by world leaders in their category, with immediate availability and competitive prices.

We have a valuable team of qualified professionals committed to satisfying the needs of our customers. Additionally, we have the adequate infrastructure to offer you a post-sales support service with timely on-site visits or if you prefer, you can bring your requirements to our specialized service center. See us for your compact tractor attachments.

Why choose us as your supplier?

Our company bases its performance on five fundamental pillars:

Compact Tractor Attachments


We build our business and professional relationships on this value. We trust in our ability as individuals and as a team, in our potential to achieve great goals and be meaningful to others. We act with integrity, guided by our values, which has helped us to consolidate the trust and loyalty of our customers and suppliers.


We recognize a changing world and increasingly demanding customers. In every new situation, we identify the opportunity to add value and we are committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations.


We have the experience to show the best solution to our clients’ needs, as well as the attitude that implies taking the initiative and the responsibility to make things happen. We bring them innovative ideas and help them put them into practice. We are, therefore, proactive people who make commitments to our clients and deliver on them.


We are in the habit of striving for excellence, and we put it into practice every day to optimize our work. We combine our technical skills, efficiency and capacity for innovation to guarantee an effective response and a competitive service, superior to the best practices in the market. Our commitment is to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering a constantly better service.


We pursue exceptional results that are only achieved with high performance and a positive attitude, driven by the inner strength called perseverance, which allows us to effectively and successfully complete the things we undertake. We are flexible and able to adapt to changes, making decisions and assuming responsibilities without losing sight of our goals and values.

What do we offer?

At Heavy Hitch we are more than a company, we offer our experience to become an ally that will always be there when you need it. With us, you will find everything you need for the optimal operation of your tractor, as well as advice for the maintenance of all your equipment.

We specialize in offering three-point quick hitches for tractors, adapters and mounting plates, as well as ballast boxes.

But there is more, we also have for sale augers and backhoes together with their accessories so you don’t have to make efforts looking for them in other stores or suppliers.

Entering our web portal, you will be able to know in detail all our products of the best brands for the maintenance of soils, as well as learn about the necessary information on the operation of heavy machinery.

Compact Tractor Attachments