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The Power of Custom Branded Packaging

Custom branded packaging can increase customer retention by about 10% on average, while 72% of Americans say that the design of a product’s packaging influences their purchasing decisions. That means that having sharp looking, custom packaging with your logos, colors, and other branding elements is more important than ever. Simple changes to your packaging can greatly impact how it looks and feels and improve the first impression that customers have of your product.

When something is delivered or bought, the customer will see your packaging before they see the product. How the box, bag, or mailer looks can ultimately influence the way they view your product and overall brand. And it’s not just for businesses that sell direct to consumers. Branded packaging tape, boxes, bags, and other elements are equally as important for manufacturers and business to business companies for improving the appeal of their products.

What is branded packaging?

Branded packaging is customized to meet your business’s needs and style preferences. By placing your logo, tagline, and colors on the different elements of your packaging, you show customers that you are thoughtful, that you care about the entire unboxing experience, and you build anticipation and excitement about what’s inside your box or bag. Branding can be included for all parts of the packaging, including:

    • Safety instructions printed on packaging

The benefits of branded packaging tape, boxes, bags, seals, and more

Branded packaging tape, boxes, bags, seals, and other materials are not just for luxury brands. All businesses, from the smallest to the largest can and should take advantage of the benefits of customized packaging.

    • Stand out from the competition – Effective brand awareness and recognition requires multiple impressions to develop. Branded packaging is an easy, cost effective way to emphasize your business’s image and create a customer response that makes them choose you over the competition.

    • Increase the appeal of your products – Whether you’re in ecommerce or retail, having colorful, branded packaging improves the unboxing experience and can even make your product feel more like a gift than a purchase. This experience will give customers the impression that your brand represents a high quality, attractive product.

    • Give customers more information about your products – Your products’ packaging is essentially free real estate where you can place things like safety instructions or product information, along with your logo and general branding.

Find high quality custom packaging at The Packline Company

At Packline, we offer a wide variety of branded packaging tape, tamper seals, sealing tape, corrugated boxes, stretch film, and void fill. You can print your branding, product information, instructions, and more, right on the film, box, bag, or tape. Our team can help you customize each element of your packaging to create a comprehensive, uniform experience for your customers. Plus, if you have any questions about what type of packaging is best for your product or how it can be branded, please call or email us with ideas or questions!

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