Carton Closure Equipment

Jam-free solutions to speed up carton closer for simple solutions, such as securing carton lids, up to customized closures .

Metal staples on the corner of a cardboard box.Box staplers ensure fast and secure lid closing.A closeup of a brown cardboard box.

Secure Your Cartons with Easy-to-Use Tools

Carton closing equipment is designed to make closing your cartons easy and pain-free for your operators. In this business, there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Our in-house experts will evaluate your carton closing needs and identify a streamlined solution to secure your cartons.

Carton Closing Equipment Benefits

Reduce Fatigue

Reduce operator fatigue with tools that are consistent and ergonomically designed for demanding environments.

Volume Variety

One of the factors that differentiates the equipment is volume. As you grow, you can upgrade your equipment.


Used for: framing, joining, bedding, trimming, building components, cabinets, furniture, industrial.

Avoid Jams

Our equipment is designed to be jam-free with easy magazine adjustments.

Explore Your Options


Equipment has become a way of life in most distribution centers and warehouses. Even new start-ups are able to use some semi-automated equipment to get the job done.
packline carton closure equipment