Strapping & Unitizing Equipment

Whether you are looking for automatic or semi-automatic strapping machines, we have a solution that will create efficiency and cut down the time that it takes to do the job manually.

fromm plastic strapping battery operated hand tool

The Packline Approach

We’re here to help you select the right strapping machine for your application. Our in-house experts have integrated strapping machines for companies of all sizes, with a range of different products. Our goal is to guide you to select a machine and integrate it into your packaging line

Unitize your products with efficiency

Cost Savings

By using machinery as your method of strapping you save labor costs and avoid wasted materials


When you partner with The Packline Co., you have the benefit of integration and service experts by your side


Our equipment offering is flexible to accommodate the variety of strengths and grades of materials on the market


Our strapping equipment is designed to be durable and withstand even the most demanding environments

Explore Your Options


Using equipment – whether automated or semi-automated – for your strapping or banding needs will ultimately produce a more streamlined output, as well as a safer environment for your workers. When it comes to selecting the right machine, we consider space, volume of products being strapped, durability of the packages, materials used, and more.