Flexible Conveyor

Efficiency and productivity are top priorities for any corporation that relies on a conveyor system to move products down the line. Without a flexible conveyor, you may be experiencing issues at certain points in your production line. CASI has an affordable solution to address inconsistent heights and bends in your line- a high-quality flexible conveyor system designed and manufactured by AGILITY, one of the premier names in the material handling industry. Check out our flexible conveyors for warehouses, distribution centers, factories, and 3PLs.

5 Key Reasons to Purchase Your Flexible Conveyor From CASI

1. You won’t have to make any changes in your facility to install one of our conveyor systems- they’ll accommodate any existing footprint or layout. With a conventional straight conveyor belt system, you may need to alter your production line or hire additional employees to ensure your products stay on the belt or transfer smoothly from one part of your line to the next.

AGILITY flexible conveyor systems move materials in dynamic and challenging environments, so current problems are easily resolved. Feel free to get in touch with our team from CASI if you have questions about our conveyor systems.

2. Flexible conveyors from CASI are designed to provide heavy-duty solutions in your workplace and since they support loads up to 130 lbs, they’re a superior choice among similar looking products. If you’ve had problems in the past with conveyor belts buckling or wobbling under the weight of your products, you’ll find that we offer an excellent resolution in the form of our durable conveyor systems.

3. Our set-up can be installed in an area where there’s typically a lot of people or obstacles to get in the way of production. Eliminate the hassles of a high-traffic workplace by placing one of our flexible conveyors where it will keep things moving downline. You’ll find our mobile and stationary systems in our ‘Solutions’ section online.

4. CASI’s material handling equipment is made in America, so you’ll be sure that quality is an utmost concern for manufacturers. Unlike import products that pale in comparison to USA-made products, our flexible conveyor systems will exceed your expectations. Features include precise construction with robotic welds, a robust design, and laser-cut components.

5. You’ll see a high return on your investment as a result of purchasing material handling machinery from CASI. Our mobile flexible conveyor’s 8″ locking casters make it easy to move your conveyor system from one workplace location to another quickly and efficiently. Variable speed settings ensure your product moves at a speed that maximizes production.

Contact a CASI machinery specialist if you have questions about any of our automation solutions or products. Live chat on our website is available if you have questions that need immediate answers. Click the ‘Solutions’ link for details about each of our systems and see for yourself why so many warehouses, factories, and distribution centers rely on us to deliver on quality and customer satisfaction. Reach us by phone at 814-870-9267.

Flexible Conveyor

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