granite countertops in Pompano Beach

Granite countertops in Pompano Beach offer texture and quality to your kitchen, barbeque, bathroom, or laundry. Xtreme Countertops is a certified and authorized dealer and fabricator in the Ft. Lauderdale area. We strive to give you peace of mind throughout the entire process and for years to come.

What are the benefits of a granite countertop?

Granite is a durable material. Unlike marble or concrete, polished and well-maintained granite lasts for decades.

This material is less likely to chop and wear making it perfect for outdoor areas. For this reason, many products are made from this material. Granite is used in headstones, counters, statues, monuments, and many other items that must stand the test of time.

Do granite countertops add value to my home?

Rock countertops do not just look nice, they add real value to your home. Whether through appeal or actual monetary value, granite countertops add to your resale value.

The material is particularly appealing for anyone looking for an eco-friendly home. This option degrades naturally when unwanted.

What patterns do granite countertops contain?

Part of the value generated is through appeal. The speckled pattern compliments any modern design. Granite countertops also come in streak or other forms.

Whether you are working with wood, laminate, or plastic in addition to your counters, this material is a perfect option. Nothing is more compatible with the furniture in your home. From dark to light, this material shines.

Custom counters

The standard look and feel works well in any home. However, your vision is our pleasure to create. It is possible to create a variety of different colors, streaks, and speckled patterns within your counter.

Customization is simple with our experts. We cut material to fit any form. Our team can help whether you are creating something elegant or unique.

Bacterial resistant counters

Granite is not porous. Nothing will soak into your counters. Not only does the material feel smooth, it is perfectly flat, but it also helps with cleaning and maintenance.

A simple wipe down is typically all that is required to keep your counter clean. Dirt, dust, and bacteria never seep into the counter. Sealed surfaces provide even better support.

Is granite easy to maintain?

Countertops made from granite are incredibly easy to maintain. When they do chip, a professional can use a putty matching the color of your counter to perform a repair.

Chipped counters do not lose their appeal or benefit. It is possible to reseal the stone to prevent spill damage.

Granite Countertops in Pompano Beach

Granite is a durable and smooth material. Nothing permeates a well-maintained counter. Speckled and streaked patterns add elegance to your kitchen or other area. As a material that weather almost any storm, granite is perfect for the outdoors.

Xtreme Countertops works hard to give you peace of mind. Customize your design, allow our experts to fabricate your counters, and allow us to perform installation. We started as an authorized and credentialed dealer in 2003. Get in touch today.

granite countertops in Pompano Beach

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