We have always had a market-neutral approach when it comes to our customer partnerships. This has given us a diverse experience when it comes to the packaging solutions we have provided.

Explore the Markets We Serve

We’re a Michigan family business and we know our territory well. Michigan is known for its production and distribution of metals and steel supplies, automobiles, agriculture, and other manufactured goods. In fact, according to, “Michigan has the 5th largest advanced manufacturing workforce in the country, with more than 66,000 workers employed in advanced manufacturing industries in 2019.”

All of the industries we see in our day-to-day operations with our customers rely on customized packaging solutions to keep their businesses running. Our experience has taught us that there is a lot of overlap in how we approach each market, but there are also unique facets of each one.

automotive industry


We engineer and fabricate your custom automotive packaging to be durable and protect your product in any industrial environment.
manufacturing industry


No matter what you are manufacturing, you need packaging. We implement solutions that increase productivity.
pallet racking in warehoues


Designing the right packaging system for fulfillment centers to make the most optimal usage of space.
contract packaging and fulfillment

Contract Packagers

We have the equipment and solutions needed to effectively run a contract packaging warehouse and keep operations moving smoothly.

ecommerce packaging


Protective materials are critical to reduce damage and create a positive customer experience and ultimately a successful brand.
steel industry

Steel and Other Metals

Industrial applications rely on durable materials and equipment, which is our specialty.

agriculture industry


Michigan is a heavy producer of agricultural products. We have worked with our ag customers for years and know the market well.
food industry

Food & Beverage

Extend shelf life, keep products at the right temperature, make your products stand out on the shelf, and improve production.

medical packaging


Pharmaceutical and medical packaging supplies are critical for distributing the supplies that are critically in need.