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Traveling on a swampy waterway can be extremely difficult, even with a boat. However, you can quickly motor directly into a swampy area with wetland equipment rentals or amphibious excavators capable of being driven both on water and land. A marsh master has multiple angling, rescue, engineering, and military operations applications. At Wilco Manufacturing, LLC, we offer marsh excavator services in Lafayette, LA. Our amphibious vehicles are in excellent condition and are designed for use in marshy areas and water bodies.

Understanding the Marsh Master

The marsh master is carefully designed to be driven on land and water. First, the material used to make the amphibious vehicle has been tried and tested to determine its use in water and land. The material used to make the marsh master is waterproof, durable, and easy to set up and repair. In addition, the marsh master comes in different designs for multiple applications, including search and rescue, military, recreation, and exploration.

The marsh master is a cross of a car and boat. The amphibious vehicle has the qualities and features of a car and a boat. The marsh master has an excellent clearance of around 10 inches, making it an excellent option for off-road transportation. In addition, it has a low first gear enhancing its capabilities as an off-road vehicle.

The marsh master has oversized breaks with waterproof linings to provide excellent braking capabilities on land and water. In addition, the amphibious vehicle features a large oil tank with an oil cooler. Also, the marsh master has an extensive cooling system compared to a normal car. Some marsh masters are enclosed for tour and fishing expeditions. In addition, this vehicle is highly stable even at 50 mph winds in extensive waterways. Also, the marsh master has a small turning circle of about 30 feet, making it extremely easy to maneuver.

The engine of the marsh master is on its rear end to keep out mud and snow. In addition, it has excellent power steering boosting its maneuverability.

What is the Need of a Marsh Master?

A large portion of Louisiana is partially or fully covered by water. A standard car or boat cannot provide excellent transportation on such terrain. A marsh master is designed to be driven in muddy, sandy, or flooded terrain, making it an excellent transportation option for Lafayette, LA, and surrounding counties.

Although land transportation is quite common, it can be difficult to find a reliable means of transport in swampy or muddy areas. The marsh master can be incredibly useful for swampy areas and waterways transportation.

The marsh master has many applications in the exploration, research, search and rescue, and military industries. It is designed to travel on land and water with various attachments, including floatation collars. You can drive the marsh master over solid, sandy, liquid, mixed, and smooth surfaces. This vehicle is designed to spread its loaded weight across its surface, making it an excellent transportation medium on various waterways.

Wilco Manufacturing offers well-maintained marsh masters for rent in Lafayette, LA. Whether you are looking for an amphibious vehicle for research, fishing, or tourism, we have just the right marsh master for you. Please call us today at 337-235-1715 or toll-free at 1-800-253-0869 to learn more about our amphibious excavator rental service. Alternatively, please email us at or to contact our marsh buggies sales representative.

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