Material Handling Systems

While exploring material handling systems for your fulfillment work center, consider CASI’s sortation equipment that will save your company time and money. Intelligent, automated sortation machinery reduces the number of people you need on your line moving products from place to place. CASI SORT is a fully customizable solution that you’ll find undeniably helpful when designing your order fulfillment line. Take a closer look at SORT and other automated systems available from CASI, one of the most reputable material handling systems suppliers in the world.

5 Reasons You’ll Love CASI SORT

  • 1. CASI SORT works at the speed of your operators, so it’s extremely safe.
  • 2. SORT automatically sorts products to stock or aisle locations.
  • 3. Errors occurring at the point of distribution are reconciled and sorted.
  • 4. SORT is 100% customizable and scalable to current and future sortation needs.
  • 5. One of the most affordable e-commerce fulfillment solutions

Unique Features Of SORT For Automated Fulfillment And Order Processing

– When line movement is lower than 40 cartons per minute, CASI’s Bi-Directional SM-100 sorter provides reliable material handling and can move parcels and heavy caseloads to specific destinations. Benefits include reverse operation, reduced maintenance, and low-cost installation.

– CASI SM-150 sorts products and parcels up to 90 per minute via an innovative overhead design that sweeps items into diverted locations. While the SM-150 looks similar to other machines on the market, it sets itself apart by its lower cost and reliable mechanisms. CASI’s SM-150 is ideal for small items, poly bags, and all smaller boxes, parcels, flats, and cases.

– CASI’s SM-130 is a bi-directional pusher sorter designed to reject cartons from your conveyor system. This machine supports products weighing less than 75 lbs with widths from 12-36 inches and is perfect for automating fulfillment for your e-commerce business.

Reasons To Consider Automation And E-Commerce Fulfillment

1. If you’re looking for ways to scale back labor costs and invest in your business's future, automation is the best way to save money while improving performance at your workplace.

2. Material handling systems from CASI are intelligently designed, affordable, and made to last for years. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without our automated solutions in your warehouse.

3. CASI carries a full line of automated solutions, including:

  • Conveyors and flexible conveyors
  • Smart box opening systems
  • Custom box sizing and packing equipment

With CASI equipment installed in your fulfillment center, you’ll avoid the most common reasons for non-repeat business:

  • High shipping costs
  • Slow delivery speed
  • Poor delivery experience
  • Damaged items received
  • Oversized boxes with excessive material waste
  • Unprofessional packing services

Contact a CASI material handling systems specialist today by calling 814-870-9267. Let us know about your biggest challenges faced at your fulfillment center; we’ll offer our insight, advice, and recommendation for the type of automated machinery to improve efficiency at your workplace. Explore all of our systems online at CASI and invest in quality equipment that will change the way you fulfill orders forever. For quick answers to your questions, use our Web chat.

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