NTC ThermistorsWestern Electronic Components is among the leading sources for quality NTC thermistors and related products and components like sensors and inrush current limiters. We provide a wide variety of sensors and thermistors for different applications. Contact us now to learn more or explore this website for more services and products.

NTC thermistors can be found in a wide range of everyday things and devices. Their main purpose is to regulate electrical resistance in devices as well as to monitor temperature for automotive applications and even monitor heat in certain types of medical equipment like incubators. They are also used as resistance thermometers and other temperature measurement applications such as in digital thermometers and micro controller systems. They can also be used for temperature compensation as well as for self-heat sensing applications. If your production requires different kinds of thermistors and temperature sensors, take a look at the different products that we offer here at WECC. We offer a wide variety of thermistor products, specifically designed for different kinds of industrial applications.

While NTC thermistors are most commonly used as surge limiters or inrush-current limiting devices that control the flow of large currents during device start-ups, they are also used in many other applications, specifically in devices that require temperature measurement and regulation. They are used in 3D printers to monitor heat and keep a consistent temperature to melt plastic filaments. They can also be seen in food storage systems, where they are used to maintain the right temperature, which is very critical in preventing food-borne diseases. Negative thermistors are also found in a wide variety of consumer appliances like refrigerators, coffee makers, computers, and other electronic devices and technological gadgets. WECC is an authority when it comes to thermistor production, catering to a wide range of OEM companies since 1988.