Virtual stores and online purchases are increasing on a daily basis. As more and more people require deliveries, there is a need for a better and more efficient way for them to get their goods safely and efficiently. There has been a big increase in porch theft crimes and people want to be sure that they receive the packages they ordered. One of the best ways to ensure proper delivery is with package lockers. A package locker is the ideal option for busy people who need a place to obtain their items. At Luxer One, we offer automated smart lockers for a variety of industries.

Features of our Package Lockers

Our package locker system is unique and state-of-the-art. We provide lockers that operate through unparalleled technology. Your customers or residents will be able to rest assured that they will always receive their packages safe and sound. Delivery companies love our lockers because it significantly speeds up the delivery process. Our proprietary “Luxerlens” optical character recognition software makes delivery fast and efficient. Clients know that their package will be delivered properly. Our smart system provides text alerts when a package arrives.

Who Should Use Luxer One

Our package locker systems are ideal for a number of uses. Universities can utilize them for students, making it easy for residents to receive deliveries. Offices find our lockers essential for receiving packages and eliminates the interruptions that typically occur during multiple daily deliveries. Retail businesses will find our lockers are the best way to ensure smooth and easy deliveries on a daily basis and prevent the possibility of package theft. Residential use, such as in a large apartment building or condo cluster, offers people the most reliable way to get their package deliveries. Mail centers can utilize our locker systems to provide the best and safest system to deliver packages. Luxer One is the future of package delivery.

About Our Lockers

Our locker system starts with a main unit, which contains the brains of the package locker. You can choose from indoor or outdoor lockers based on your specific needs. The main unit has a touchscreen, battery backup, and has 15 compartments of various sizes. We make our units in the USA with heavy-duty corrosion-resistant steel and durable powder coating. The units have internal hinges that are built to last and they are tamper-proof. Our units include a surveillance system for increased safety. Users will find the software interface very simple to master. Owners or managers have keyless access to lockers. Our lockers are compliant with the ADA standards for accessibility.

When you want the perfect way to ensure safe and efficient package delivery to residents or students, our intelligent digital locker systems are available for your needs. We offer a variety of system design options and will work with you to determine the configuration that works best. Our systems use the latest technology and give the most secure and efficient delivery options available. Contact us online at Luxer One to request a free quote.

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