Poly Bags

Bags are versatile packaging solutions that come in a variety of materials, sizes, and applications. Learn more about our bagging systems and products.

The Packline Approach

When our customers need bags for their packaging solutions, we evaluate the products and identify the right materials. We provide automatic bagging equipment, to help our customers bag their products with remarkable efficiency. We also assist our customers with custom applications such as zipper bags, printed bags, hang holes, retail packaging, and more.

vertical form fill and seal for food packaging

Bags commonly used for a variety of packaging applications

Sealing options

Bags can be sealed on side or top depending on the shape of the product

Compartmented bags

Beneficial for companies that need to separate parts but still package as one unit

Small or large

Whether you are packaging small parts, such as nails and screws, or large items such as furniture, there’s a bag to fit your product


Markets that utilize bags include food, garments and apparel, other ecommerce applications, mattress and furniture, and more.

Product Showcase

Types of Bags Available

food grade poly bags