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Optical plastic parts are advanced devices that are used for a variety of applications. Plastic lenses are essential in a variety of industries including consumer, commercial, medical, automotive, and defense, among others. To maximize the results in your application, it is essential to obtain products of exceptional quality.

However, producing optics from plastic is no simple task. That is why if you require such optical devices, you must be sure to select a world-class supplier. Among the different alternatives in the market, you will not find a better choice than Apollo Optical Systems. You should know the reasons to choose us for your top plastic optic manufacturing.

Why Choose Apollo as Your Plastic Optic Provider?

A One-Stop Solution

Apollo Optical Systems is much more than a plastic lens manufacturer. We offer our customers a complete solution. We can assist you with the concept, design, engineering, prototype, and manufacturing of your plastic optic products. You decide at what level you want us to be involved in each part of the process. That is, at each stage we can take full control, work side by side, or simply provide advice and counsel.


You will usually find boutique plastic opticians in the market. That is companies that are dedicated to the production of optics for a particular industry. In contrast, at Apollo Optical Systems we can prototype or mass produce for the industry you need. We are the leaders in serving the needs of customers in industries such as commercial, medical, defense, automotive, and technology, among others. From an optical plastic sheet to any complex development, we will get you covered.


Manufacturing exceptional quality polymer optics is no easy task. In addition to using world-class materials, superior knowledge is required to achieve world-class products. Apollo Plastic Systems has the expertise necessary to achieve the best results in the industry, and you will enjoy the best optics for your needs.


The level of customization you will find at Apollo Optical Systems goes far beyond manufacturing. We want to be your business partner, and bring value both upstream and downstream of your production chain. We not only adapt our products, but also the processes and logistics to suit your requirements. All this so that you can maximize your results in favor of your business.


Last but not least, at Apollo Optical Systems you will find the most competitive prices in the market. We focus on increasing your competitiveness and maximizing your profits, offering you the best prices without compromising the quality of our products. That’s why we offer you the best value for your money, allowing you to boost your business to the top.

Boost Your Business

If you are looking for the leading plastic optic manufacturing, you are in the right place. Apollo Optical Systems is the industry leader and we’re ready to take you to the top. You have more than just an exceptional supplier, you have the business partner you need to achieve your business objectives. Together we will make all your goals come true. Explore our custom optics and find the ideal one for your needs.

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