Trying to find a sandblasting cabinet with comfortable gloves is not always easy to do. At Badboy Blasters, their made in the USA blasting cabinets are made with the highest quality natural rubber/vinyl gloves you’ll find on the market today.

You’ll find one of the biggest selections of multi-media blast cabinets in a variety of price points and sizes, all designed to fit the budget and provide many years of performance at your location. Consider a few of the most popular blasting cabinets at

– The Set Down Blaster was originally designed for wheel-chair application, however after a careful review of this product, the manufacturers found it is also popular for customers who are working for long durations. Now, instead of standing, you can sit in a comfortable chair with wheels (provided with the purchase of the Set Down Blaster).

– The Extreme Series Sandblasting Cabinet (with natural rubber gloves) BB3000XLD is an all-welded cabinet with T5 lighting for exceptional visibility while blasting. Its affordable price is also available for financing at just $110 per month. Take a look at a few of the specs on the BB3000XLD:

– 48” x 48” work area!
– Twin front doors for complete access through the front
– Heavy duty production foot valve assembly on this sandblasting cabinet
– Natural rubber gloves
– Internal fluorescent lighting
– Built to last! And we mean last- with heavy steel housing and high-production brass flow valve
– Perforated steel flooring-abrasive large particle-separating screen & clean out door

– Abrasive Sandblasting Cabinet BB9100LED with natural rubber gloves, one of the best-selling cabinets from Badboy Blasters. This is a double station unit that can be financed at just $270 per month. Apply for financing right over the website at or call tech at 330-413-5262 with questions. The BB9100LED comes with new T8 lighting that will ensure the highest level of visibility while you are working. You won’t have to stop what you’re doing over and over to inspect your item outside of the unit.

Additional features of the BB9100LED include:

– An impressive 96” x 48” work area
– 50” working height
– Industrial 30” turntable
– Pressure media attachment
– Access through end door
– Super-quiet 1400CFM vacuum dust removal system with cyclone
– 1/4 steel legs and 16 gauge steel panels
– Built tough- to last!

Visit online at where you can see videos of several models in action, to gain a better idea of how they can meet your needs. You’ll find that all of the sandblasting cabinet gloves are made from rubber/vinyl for a great fit and long wear. Badboy Blaster knows you want to be comfortable while working on a project. Natural rubber/vinyl is the only way to go for jobs that are intricate or items that require delicate handling.

For more information on any of the models you see online, feel free to call technical support at 330-413-5262. Their pros will be happy to help you find the right model to meet your needs.

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