Shrink Film Materials and Solutions

Multi-purpose and specialized shrink film products for your packaging needs. Learn more about how we help our customers with shrink film.

The Packline Approach

When it comes to shrink film we have partnerships with the top manufacturers in packaging. Through our vendor partnerships we have access to whatever type of shrink film you need. Shrink film can fit around the shape of any product to keep it protected. This creates a tight and durable seal of protection.

Benefits of using shrink film


Shrink film provides a durable layer of protection that fits tightly to your products

Cost savings

Shrink film is an affordable solution to protecting your products


Shrink film can be printed and also comes in a variety of colors to help your company stand out


Shrink wrap can be used for any product size or shape making it a convenient and versatile solution

Shrink film is available in a variety of options

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