Stapling Materials for Packaging

When you need a secure fastener that can withstand environmental stressors and keep your package securely packed, stapling is a reliable solution.

The Packline Co. approach

We can’t control the weather. This can be especially troubling in Michigan where we have snow, heat and other unreliable weather conditions. If your packages are vulnerable to these conditions stapling and fasteners are a great solution. Even if the box gets soaked, the staples will hold it together. Staples are, therefore, ideal for long-distance transport in containers around the world. Moreover, the temperature in these sealed containers can reach very high levels without breaking the seal.

Why companies choose stapling:


Staples don’t expire or go bad, they are durable and last forever

Efficient Spacing

Takes up a small footprint in the warehouse


Industrial applications that rely on heavy-duty solutions benefit from staples

Save Time

Save time when during the packaging process with easy applicators

Product Showcase

Advantages of Stapling

When it comes to staples, the options are endless.