Strapping Products & Materials

Durable materials with a variety of options for your palletizing and unitizing needs.

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Strapping solutions are best for situations where unitizing is important for transporting loads and keeping containers secure. We have relationships with only the best suppliers of strapping materials to guarantee you pallets are secured properly. When you use the right materials with the best tools and machinery, you will save costs and still have a high level of protection.
polypropylene strapping metal product

Materials for Unitizing and Bundling


For the lightest loads; most eco-friendly and least expensive option; examples: meat, agriculture, general warehouse packaging


More durable and shock resistant than polypropylene, yet still eco friendly; examples: lumber, bricks, drywall, glass bottles and cans

Polyester cord

Manufactured from woven polyester fibers; strongest non-metal strapping material; ideal for heavy loads

Steel strapping

For the heaviest loads and loads that are going to endure high temperatures; available in regular duty and high tensile

Explore Your Options


Due to the variety of strapping materials and applications on the market, the advantages are broad. Each option available has its own benefit for product containment. Any company or warehouse that needs to transport goods or bundle units can benefit from the right strapping materials.
coil of polypropylene strapping