Packaging Stretch Film Materials

Reduce packaging consumption and material costs when you partner with Packline for your stretch film materials and solutions.

Trust Packline with your Stretch Materials

We only partner with suppliers that uphold a high standard for quality, and provide films that possess crystal clear optics and superior characteristics. Packline customers also benefit from our expertise as far as selecting the right materials for the application, and reducing waste. We help you find the right balance between protection and conservation of materials.
skid of stretch film

Learn About Load Types

Selecting the type of stretch film for your application depends on the types of products on the load and the number of puncture points.

There are 4 main categories of load types

Type A

Containers are all uniform in shape and closely match the size of the pallet; few puncture points exist and each load generally looks the same

Type B

Less uniform than Type A loads; some puncture points exist; typically only 2 or 3 products per load

Type C

Inconsistency in load types; often many puncture points and unpredictable containers; each load may contain dozens of different items


Regardless of load type, there are also specialty applications such as heavy weight or UVI protection.

Explore Your Options


If load containment fails, the damage is often a big hit on a company’s bottom line. That’s why our engineers have mastered the science of load containment with stretch film materials. Material selection is key; then our packaging integrity testing processes ensure that our materials will be sturdy enough to protect your products.
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