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Stretch wrappers are sturdy and durable machines. But they are not immune to timeworn or occasional failures. Like most pieces of equipment, stretch wrappers need to undergo routine maintenance to stay in top shape. In this article, we’ll explain some of the maintenance tips for stretch wrappers to help keep them in optimal condition.

General Cleaning

The first step to ensuring your stretch wrapper is running smoothly is by keeping it clean and free from debris regularly. This holds true for all types of stretch wrapping machines, including the rotary, turntable, orbital stretch wrapper.

Avoid Film Accumulation Around Rotating Mechanisms

With a stretch wrapping machine, especially turntables, there is a risk of the film getting wrapped around the equipment’s rotating mechanisms. If you do not address the accumulation of the film, the stretch wrapper may start preventing free rotation and result in strain in the bearing. This problem over time will cause strain on the motor and blow the fuses, thus shortening the motor lifespan. With that, you will have to deal with costly repairs and lengthy downtime. To avoid unplanned expense and downtime, check the rotating mechanism regularly, making sure the machines are free from film buildup or debris.

Keep Sensors Clean

If you want to ensure your stretch wrapper is in optimal condition, you need to keep its sensors clean. Photo-reflective electronic sensors ensure the pallets are wrapped properly. Typically, sensors are sealed and hidden. However, you need to have them cleaned if you want your wrapper to work properly. Besides, a clean sensor limits the risk of wrapper failure and expensive production delays.

Maintain Drive Systems

Generally, stretch film wrapping machines feature a transmission mechanism that consists of belts or chains or a combination of both. For smooth operation, you need to properly lubricate the chains while the belts need to be inspected and cleaned periodically. Debris on a belt can cause slippage of the drive, which results in incorrect wrapping. To avoid excessive film usage or improper containment, keep the wrapper’s belt clean. Plus, regularly inspect the belt for any damage or fraying. Otherwise, when the belt breaks, your machine will be down until you replace the belt.

Keep Pre-Stretch Rollers Clean

For optimal film usage, the wrapper has a roller that constantly pre-stretch the films. The rubbers, over time, get covered with dust. And a dirty roller loses its ability to properly pre-stretch the film and produce the right containment. Dirt on the rollers also decreases tackiness, which in turn results in higher film usage. You should spray the rollers with isopropyl alcohol and scrub them with a brush. Do not use water to clean the rollers as they can cause film slippage.


Generally, most stretch wrappers have 2 different points of lubrication. Check the manual to locate the exact lubrication points. Do not use non-recommended lubricants as they may not have the right formulation to give your equipment consistent performance.

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