Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)

Clean, safe, and easy-to-use rust prevention and removal. Protect your products and your bottom line with a variety of materials to select from.

Prevent and remove rust with Packline and Armor Protective Packaging®

Armor Protective Packaging® bears the title of “Eradicators of Rust” with pride. Packline is working in collaboration with ARMOR to offer a Michigan-made product line that is specifically designed to keep metal parts rust-free, which ultimately saves time, money and effort. If you’re looking for clean, safe and easy rust prevention and/or rust removal, Packline and ARMOR have got you covered!

metal part with 30g vci paper wrap

Getting Started with VCI


Shield a wide range of goods from the detrimental impacts of rust and corrosion. Our VCI products offer a seamless, secure, and user-friendly solution to ensure the longevity and quality of your items.


Catering to all needs, our VCI offerings include paper and poly options in sheets or rolls, stretch films, emitters, desiccants, rapid-dry rust preventatives, and specialized rust removal gels and baths.

Cost Savings

Rusted and corroded goods can be expensive, leading to returns, tarnished brand reputation, and extra shipping costs. Preventing corrosion safeguards your investments and avoids unforeseen expenses.


Our paper and poly VCI products are 100% recyclable. Crafted with a minimum of 30% Post-Industrial Recycled content, our solutions not only protect your items but the environment as well.

Product Showcase

The Why and How of VCI

ARMOR VCI Nanotechnology™ is the formal name for the ARMOR’s proprietary formulation of rust-preventing vapor corrosion inhibitors. It’s the “secret sauce” that ARMOR combines with materials such as paper or poly film to create packaging supplies with the added benefit of rust prevention. When a metal part is wrapped or enclosed in an ARMOR VCI product, the VCIs activate to create a blanket of protection on the surface of metal that repels rust.

rusty and rust free parts