Weigh in Motion Truck Scale

One of the major reasons to enforce vehicle measurement tactics is to prevent highway maintenance costs. The WIM system eventually pays for itself because it allows road users to have a smooth transit. A 2006 study in Arizona states that overweight trucks led to road damages worth $12-53 million each year. The WIM is a precise measuring system that determines the legality of the truck and its weight on each axle and sensor.

What is the weight in motion system?

The weight in motion truck scale system measures the vehicle’s axle load that passes over the installed sensors. The scales detect overloading depending on the classification of data configured for the trucks, to send a picture of the vehicle to the main system’s display. The sensors analyze the axle and transfer data through the fiber optic cable to the closest stop station.  

Unlike older systems, the truck scales in-motion system does not require that trucks stop to take the weight measurement. It is convenient enough to fit into multiple applications such as the following:

  • Administration and planning projects
  • Size and weight enforcement in traffic
  • Regulation and legalization services
  • Research and design on different bridge designs
  • Monitoring the design of pavements

Benefits of the weigh-in-motion truck scale.


Trucks do not have to stand in a queue waiting for the measurement record. You can weigh your trucks fast as they leave your facility or as they transit the highway. It is better if you want to save time instead of using the usual static system.


Static weights are the leading cause of traffic on a specific point of the highway. The WIM has a continuous data processing system that eliminates any static data bias; hence it is better to weigh the trucks as they move to reduce accumulation on weigh stations.


Many sites monitor roads using the low speed weigh-in-motion scales. We have affordable systems that give truthful weights to prevent additional legal costs to your business. You can capture dynamic data to reduce the significant damages that could cause additional unnecessary fees.

Are there risks to the WIM system?

WIM systems have an accuracy of -+1. Therefore, it is important to consider that you will not get a precise measurement. However, you will still be in the legal bracket of allowable readings accuracies. It is also vital to note that you will still get accurate details for the vehicle type, fuel level, state of the truck’s registry, and the origin and destination addresses.

The WIM system needs more vigorous maintenance than the static system because the electronic system is susceptible to minute electromagnetic disturbances. Massload creates safer and more accurate systems by including install features that minimize interference. The system has strategic drainage points and a level design to ensure level weight detection across the entire scale.

The weigh-in motion scales for vehicles is a first-choice for many industries; hence it has significant popularity if you want flexibility, value, and efficiency. We look forward to talking with you about your specific measurement needs for a custom install.


Weigh in Motion Truck Scale

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