Learn more about the advantages when you trust The Packline Co. as your packaging distributor.

Worker In Warehouse Preparing Goods For Dispatch

Legacy Culture Meets Innovation

Our company culture is built on a foundation of our legacy in packaging. Three generations of Ryders have dedicated their professional careers to servicing customers in the industrial packaging realm. Innovation runs in our blood and we have always strived to bring new products and services to our customers.

No company should go at it alone when it comes to packaging. When you partner with a packaging distributor you get the benefits of packaging experts to help you purchase your packaging materials and equipment, and maintain your packaging line.

Dedication to Packaging

Our engineers, sales representatives, designers, and everyone in-between are dedicated to delivering excellence in packaging. From the first day we start working with a customer, through the day-to-day operations, we are always standing by our customers’ sides to make sure their packaging lines are running smoothly. We are dedicated to ensuring that every business in Michigan has access to a professional and experienced packaging partner.


Service Meets Product

We not only help you to select the right products for your application, but we also provide the services you need to run your operations.

National Partnership

We have a national partnership with Packaging Distributors of America, which gives us access to a dense knowledge base in packaging, as well as lowest total cost.

Industry Experts

Our staff is comprised of experts in the packaging industry to make sure you always get the products you need.

Equipment Advantage

Our customers rely on equipment and automation to get the job done. We help companies of all sizes maintain their equipment through our installation services, repairs, and loaners.

Michigan Based

We started in Michigan and we’ve kept our roots in Michigan. We’re experts in the types of packaging materials and handling that Michigan businesses rely on.

National Reach

Through our partnership with Packaging Distributors of America (PDA) we have access to a database of packaging distributors across North America. 

Equipment Neutral

We are neutral when it comes to selecting the products, equipment, and materials that are right for your application. We take a customized approach to each and every customer.

Supplier Connection

We maintain a deep connection with our supplier network, and we have relationships with suppliers that have been maintained over decades. This enables us to understand what you need and provide it for you at the best possible cost.